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Top 5 Games I Want Square Enix To Make For The Switch

So if you haven't heard, Square Enix has been in the gaming news as of late concerning the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and the Nintendo Switch as well. They even teased the idea of the game coming to the Switch, due to the Switch handling Unreal Engine 4 well (the same engine that will be running Final Fantasy 7 Remake). Square Enix went on further to say  " the core architectures of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch as similar." They have also stated, "multiplatform development is possibly by building a basic version of a game, then optimizing it for each platform". Someone PLEASE explain to me why Square Enix understands this more than most developers *cough CAPCOM cough cough*. It gets better, Sqaure Enix went on to say, "Nintendo doing well is great for them, and notes that Switch is in a unique position compared to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One." The unique position Square Enix is referring to is the Switch is a console that sells well in EVERY region, as opposed to one or a few. For instance, the X-Box One and PS4 install bases in Japan are poor. The PlayStation 4 just crossed 5 Million  lifetime sales back in June to give an example (with X-box One well below 250k). However, in the short time of its release, the Switch has been in demand in every region.  So when it comes to releasing multiplatform games, leaving out the Switch sounds a bit silly if the Switch can run these games. Finally, Square Enix stated:

"Switch is described as an opportunity to create middle-range games, and while it is very likely that creating these games would result in them being multi-platform, their expectations for Switch are high and they will aggressively pursue development. Square Enix said that it will not rule out any IPs—new, existing, or revivals—when it comes to Switch."


Lets focus on this last piece. Square Enix stated this is the opportunity to create MIDDLE RANGE games, while not ruling out ANY 1Ps- new, existing, or revivals. Since Final Fantasy 7 was teased, I will not include that game in my list. Many of us only focus on Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts when it comes to Square Enix. There are other games I feel should be revived that will be great for the Switch (and the other consoles as well). So without further delay, lets get started.

5- The Bouncer


For those of us old enough to appreciate the Streets of Rage franchise, we can all agree this game should make the cut. This game in my opinion is highly underrated and with the juggernaut Square Enix became, a revival would do this game proper justice. This was a PS2 release, so if Square Enix can revive Final Fantasy 10 and 12, they can revive this game. Mr. Shifty is a great game, but we needed a real beat em on the Switch. We need a game that is fun, exhilarating, and fresh. If they add an online co-op option, this would really make this game fun to play with friends.   

4- Brave Fencer Musashi 

maxresdefault (25).jpg

This action adventure RPG was supposed to be Sony's answer to the Zelda franchise. Although the game did not live up to its competitor, it was due to legendary feat of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and not so much the game being bad itself. The game had its own original story, and the items you gained in your quest were quite useful. The boss fights were challenging and enjoyable, especially considering the 32-bit graphics of the PS1. It was just very impressive what this game did on that console. To see this game revived on the Switch would be a thrill. 

3- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

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Now if any of you own Mario & Rabbids, you would agree it is a pretty good tactical RPG for the Switch. However, many of us know and remember the collaboration between Square and Nintendo to make what would arguably be one of the best RPG's for the Super Nintendo. This was a great intro RPG to those who never touched an RPG. With today's graphics, this game could serve the same purpose to those new to RPG's. Not to mention the soundtrack to this game was pretty solid. Some tunes would sound pretty awesome retouched. Personally, I was never a fan of the Paper Mario series, and they never brought out the excitement of this game. The art design of Paper Mario was more gimmicky than creative in my opinion. With Nintendo giving small teases to Geno (costume available in Smash 4), it would be the perfect opportunity to revive this game. 

2- Chrono Trigger 

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This game to this very day is deemed as legendary. If we are referring to Square's RPG games, this game is in most people's top 5, or even their top 3. I would dare to say this game is in their "of all time" list. IGN said this was their #1 out of 100 Greatest RPG's of All Time. Although I do not agree with their list at all, it speaks volumes on how great this game is. This very game is one of the few games that can rival Final Fantasy 7 in EVERY aspect. The story is compelling, the battle system is challenging, and the world is expansive. This game has to mentioned with the greats,  and a remake is long over due. Many of us have set our sights on Final Fantasy 7, and we easily forget about games like this one. I can imagine the work to remake this game would be huge, but it would be worth it. Depending on how much stock they would be willing to put into this game, the remake could look like anything from I Am Setsuna to Final Fantasy 7 remake. If Square Enix is true to their word, by saying they will not rule out any games, this game here is worth it. 

1- SaGa Frontier 1

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When I say this is one of my favorite RPG's of all time, I mean every word of it. This game by far has been one of the most original and creative games I have ever played. The game has no linear story (kinda like Breath of the Wild), and many people during its initial release didn't like that about this game. However, this is due to the fact there are 7 different characters in this game, with 7 different stories (with one that doesn't really have much of a story). Some of the characters join your team, some don't. The biggest attraction to this game was the battle system. Unlike any RPG at the time, your characters could learn new attacks DURING the fight, and even form combos with each other's attacks. With 5 people to a team, you are able to pull off a 5 person combination attack if all 5 attacks are compatible for a combination. If this game was remade, it would be perfect for the Switch as a middle range game. With the good reception of Octopath Traveler, I'm sure this game would do well. 


So that is my list. However, Square Enix has a RANGE of games that I didn't list. Kingdom Hearts has been hinted for the Switch, so that is why I didn't add that game. I never played Vagrant Story or Parasite's Eve to truly speak on those games. With that said, I would like to know your thoughts. What games from Square Enix do you want to see on the Switch. Let me know with a comment down below!