How NOT to Unbox Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32 is now available and I learned how NOT to unbox this thing. As stated I plan to incorporate more music into my content. What better way to experiment by opening this up in the most fun way possible. The Komplete Kontrol M32 is currently $129.

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Is It Worth Becoming a YouTuber in 2019?

Today I am going to discuss if it is worth making a YouTube Channel in 2019. Many people are using YouTube on a global scale, and it may look like there's no reason to go even hit the record button. Yesterday marked three years since I made this channel, so I feel it is my responsibility to explain why it is worth making a channel, and how it can be beneficial for you, not only on this platform, but in life in general.

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More Nintendo Switch Apps I Want in 2019

Last year, I spoke about Nintendo Switch Apps I wanted for 2018. Now in 2019, what I want for the Switch has definitely changed, and dare I say matured. In this video I touch on some paid to use apps, and even some quality of life applications I believe will help the Nintendo Switch prosper forward. If you enjoy this video, make sure you share this with a friend.

Pokemon Gen 8 is finally Here! | Team Pokemon Sword

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have been revealed yesterday, and there is a lot to discuss. For one, I will be purchasing Pokemon Sword, while getting Scorbunny as my starter. While the Galar Region looks great, and made Pokemon look the best ever, I still have some concerns. As someone who has been playing Pokemon since Generation 1, I had to share the 1 thing that bothered me. Regardless, I will be buying this game day 1.

Yoshi's Crafted World Lower Resolution Isn't a Bad Thing

Nintendo has officially released a demo for Yoshi's Crafted World, and it has been criticized for its lower resolution from Digital Foundry's graphical analysis. The game has a solid 60 frame rate, however the resolution averages at 576p. I wanted to take this time to give some perspectives some may not be acknowledging, why the lower resolution is not a bad thing. A Nintendo Switch 1st party title using unreal engine 4 can mean great things for the future as games improve.

Smash Ultimate Update 2.0 is HERE!!! | #PlantGang

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0.0 is now live, and we got a big update with this one. We will discuss the patch notes Nintendo has presented, and we will also discuss a few things that were not listed in these notes.For the most part these patch notes truly show Nintendo desires to improve this game more and more over time. Looking forward to what's next for Smash Ultimate.

Anthem VIP Demo First Impressions

Over the weekend, I got a chance to play the VIP Demo of Anthem. I always wanted to try this game, and this opportunity was given by a good friend of mine. The game will definitely need some patch updates and some upgrades to the mechanics. However, the game is still fun to play, and balanced overall. If you are used to playing open world like games, these are some things you are prepared for.

The Nintendo 64 Revolutionized Console Gaming

When it come to revolutionizing the video game industry, the Nintendo 64 sits as king. The N64 has paved the way for modern hardware and software alike. It was Nintendo's dive from 2D to 3D gaming. This transition marked a huge turn around in gaming, and gaming as we know it was changed forever. Games like Super Mario 64 paved the way for many open world titles.

Switch Online 2019 | Switch Online Concerns

It is 2019 and today marks 120 Days since the Nintendo Switch Online Service officially launched. In the past 4 months, we got more NES games....and that's pretty much it. While there have been nods to SNES being released on the Switch, is that enough? I would say no. The Nintendo Switch Online Service has other components I feel can enhance the quality of the service, if utilized.

YouTube Growth | 1000 subscribers less than one year

Going from 100 to 1000 subscribers had to be one of the best experiences I had in 2018. It was on this day last year I hit my first 100 subs. In this video I share with you how I grew my channel to 1000 subs, and also the mistakes I made after reaching 1000. I'm sure this can be applicable to all channels trying to grow. I've been blessed to have gotten help from other YouTubers to reach this point. So in turn, I want to help anyone I can.

Jablinski Games YouTube Channel Thoughts (RANT)

On this episode of The Avidan Show, Jablinski Games comes under fire from YouTubers. Many will say they aren't mad at him directly, but point at the fear of more celebrities joining YouTube. In this video, I cover three reasons why Jack Black's channel is not a threat to YouTubers, and why it should be embraced. We as YouTubers need to stop getting so mad all the time, and we need to look within ourselves to improve. That helps the platform and ourselves.

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PlayStation Classic Full Roster REVEALED!....But Is It GOOD!?

The Sony PlayStation Classic had its entire roster revealed today, and many people have shown some disappointment in the reveal. I personally feel Sony could have compiled a better list of games, but the list isn't terrible. However, this is no longer on my day one purchase list, especially with Smash Ultimate releasing that Friday. What are YOUR thoughts?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Impressions: Is It Worth Your Time?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch is quite the surprise on many accounts. My initial impressions had me asking myself "is this game worth my time?" As someone who played hours upon hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X, and saw this game would be nothing like that, with a completely different art style, I was turned off. However, as the game became more polished I told myself I would give Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a try, and I'm glade I did.

maxresdefault (42).jpg


What I DO Like 

Story and Dialogue

The story is a simple story, but it is told very well. Honestly, complex stories risk making the game boring, unimaginative, with little to no impact. XC2 is a great game in not only telling a story, but it also provides anime humor along the way. I found myself interested in seeing the next cut scene, and interested in how the characters would react. There is a great balance between serious moments, and light-hearted fun. I personally feel aspects like this are often taken for granted in video games, and we do not realize it until it is gone. This game reminded me why I loved playing the Final Fantasy games on the PS1 and PS2.

Open World and Combat System

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 combat system is great and it is not as complicated as it looks. It can be a lot to grasp, but they give you the tutorials in pieces, so you are not pressured to "know" everything right away. Pairing this with the MASSIVE open world provided,  not only provides a sense of adventure, but a sense of challenge as well. The combat system is auto-attack based, allowing the player to input special moves called arcs. The strategy behind the arcs can take some time to learn, but the open world gives plenty of room to practice different combinations and formations. As you progress a good bit in the game, they will give you a new tutorial, and more opportunities to practice. 


The Blades are interesting.  It is always a joy to get a rare blade from a Common Core Crystal, and to see what new element you can add to your squad. I find it awesome each Blade has their own personality, and it makes choosing your blade squad interesting. I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to spoil anything regarding this part of the game. I just simply love as the game progresses their is still use for the Blades you're not using. At the start of Chapter 4, you unlock Mercenary groups. In Mercenary Groups, you send out your blades to complete side missions as you do your own missions. The rewards are beneficial to your blades,

What I DON'T Like

English Dub, Low Res Handheld, No Video Share




Hearing this...over..and annoying, and fast. Annoying to the point every time I see these soldiers I run the other way, or I want to mute my T.V. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 English Dub is not terrible, but it is not great either. Rex especially needs work, and his emotions often seem forced. Sometimes his voice is okay, Other Times I can't wait until the scene is over. The Low Resolution on the handheld is a small issue I have. I made a video addressing my thoughts on this.

As I mention in this video, there are ways around the low resolution, but it still needs to be patched. Lastly, I would LOVE to video share some fights, scenery, or even story from this game on social media. However, this game currently does not have video share support, and that is a shame. 

Well, those are my thoughts. How do you like the game? Let me know down below. 

Is Super Mario Odyssey The Greatest Mario Game Of All Time?


Some History About Me

When I first played Mario, it was actually the first Game Boy game, and I can still remember how unforgiving that game was. My mother bought me a SNES with Super Mario World and Super Mario All Stars included, and it was then I grew a love for video games. From beating my first Koopaling, to dying a gazillion times in Tubluar, this game became one of my favorite games of all time. It was this game that encouraged me to get Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, which got me into playing games like Final Fantasy 7, and now Xenoblade Chronicles 2. So when the question is something the G.O.A.T, I usually consider the following. 

maxresdefault (37).jpg


No matter how you shape it, impact is a requirement for being the greatest. Why? Simply because it shows how it affects a COMMUNITY and not just a person. Super Mario Odyssey (along with a few other titles) has the impact of an ORIGINAL Mario game. I love Sunshine and Galaxy, however those games trailed the success of Super Mario 64, rather than breaking away from it. Super Mario Odyssey gives the freshness of playing a Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario 64. The story, the game play, and the overall feel of the game keeps you engaged, and interested in what happens next. Since the announcement of this game in January, young and old wanted this game. We can give our opinions on which game we prefer (and that's fine), but it's been a LONG time a Mario game ever had this much hype, and successfully lived up to it. The game came out in October, and is already nominated for game of the year.

maxresdefault (38).jpg

Visual Aesthetics

To compare graphics of Mario Odyssey to the others would be a bit unfair. Instead, I want to compare how they placed graphically in their era of gaming. When you think of 16 bit gaming, Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog are the two games that come to mind. You cannot think of 16 bit gaming and not think of these two games. When it comes to 64 bit gaming, you will always remember Super Mario 64. However, when it comes to HD gaming, Super Mario Odyssey is beautiful, but it doesn't stand out (outside of being a Mario game).  Nintendo gamers in general have a history of saying graphics don't matter, but we all know that is a bold face lie. Sure this Mario game LOOKS better than the other games, but the other games were up to par graphically with its competition. This is an important factor when deciding if something is the greatest. Presentation is important in all aspects of life, and it should not be ignored for video games. 

screen shot 2017-09-22 at 122506 pm.png

Replay Value

Being able to play the game again after you beat the main story is important to me. Most Mario games do a fine job in this department. Super Mario Odyssey does an outstanding job in this area, and it deserves the credit. There is so much to do after you beat the game, and so much nostalgia to go with it. The desire to 100% complete the game is there just as much as it was for Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64 for me. Although the game's difficulty is not high at all, I can see a kid getting this game for Christmas, and still playing it by June of next year easy. I can see that same kid taking a break, only to play it again at a later date. 


So that's my take. I'd put Super Mario Odyssey in my top 3, but it doesn't take the number 1 spot. Let me know how you all felt. Was this game the greatest Super Mario game for you? If not which game was? Let me know in the comments down below. 

Activision...You're Messy.

Do you like balanced multiplayer online matches?

So a little over a month ago, A patent was granted to Activision that could change online multiplayer as we know it (and not at all in a good way). The patent is a matchmaking system to pair players with low and high ranks against each other, encouraging the player with the lower rank to buy items to beat the higher ranked player. All of this is to be done with real world money, which would bring micro transactions to an even more hated position. Here's a description if you are not up to speed.

For Example, microtransaction engine 128 may identify a junior player to match with a marquee player based on a player profile of the junior player. In a particular example, the junior player may wish to become an expert sniper in a game...Microtransaction engine 128 may match the junior player with a player that is a highly skilled sniper in the game. In this manner, the junior player may be encouraged to make game-related purchases such as a rifle or other item used by the highly skilled sniper. For example, if the player purchased a particular weapon, the microtransaction engine may match the player in a gameplay session in which the particular weapon is highly effective. This may encourage the player to make future purchases to achieve similar gameplay results.



Now in Activision's defense, they stated this was just an "exploratory patent filed in 2015 by an R&D team working independently from our game studios." They went on to state it hasn't been implemented in game. Regardless if this is in game or not, it is there. Can you imagine spending hours grinding to get great at a game, but the matchmaking system will purposely put someone who has an advantage over you to encourage micro transactions, and to keep placing the lower ranked player in matches to repeat this process? This is what Activision has patented. In my opinion, this is FAR worse than loot crates, or anything EA has done. This pushes the envelope for pay to win to the fullest, and if they implement to modern gaming, please believe other companies may try to follow suit. What are your thoughts about this? Let me know down below. 

RUMOR: New Pokemon Game To Innovate Like Breath Of The Wild


Before I begin, I want to emphasize this is a RUMOR, and I am giving commentary to a RUMOR. I usually do not entertain rumors, but I found this worth talking about, and giving my thoughts on. With that said, let's begin! 

What's Goodie In The Rumor Mill? 

If you are a fan of The Easy Allies Podcast, you probably know about this rumor from episode #86. In this episode they talked about quite a bit, and even had a few rumors regarding multiple games. The one I found most interesting was regarding Pokemon and The Switch. Things got interesting when Michael Damiani said the following:

"Gamefreak was very nervous about doing any kind of radical departure for Pokemon, they sell so well why would you mess with that? Apparently, Breath of the Wild's reception and the reaction to Mario at E3 was so overwhelmingly positive that it convinced them that they need to make the next Pokemon game as disruptive as those two games were. That it's going to be as big of an innovation as those two games were."

For those of us who are unaware, Nintendo 3DS's top screen resolution (the one that really matters) is only 400 x 240, and the 3DS XL stands at 800x240. We all know specs do not define a good game, but let's face it, Nintendo's dedicated handheld was truly under powered to push Pokemon beyond the developer's imagination. Sure, the rubric has been working for years, but so has Zelda and Mario's. As a creator myself, no matter how successful something is, I become bored with repetition. I can imagine the pressure to keep a form going, and being afraid to step away from that totally.  I may sound like a naysayer right now, but if Pokemon goes to the Switch with it's current rubric, it will not be legendary. An HD turn-based RPG sounds ideal, but it will completely lose steam and get boring at end-game. Sun and Moon was the furthest they broke away from their norm, and the 3DS could barely handle it. So there has been signs of Gamefreak trying to break away. With that limitation gone, this rumor is actually believable. 

So What Are My Thoughts? 

I really hope this is true, and I really hope Gamefreak feels this way. It would be great to see Pokemon receive a change that is receptive to both the younger and older audiences that play the game, while keeping the game at a respective G rating. Now that the game is coming to the Switch, I would love for them to break out of the turned based combat model, and make Pokemon Battles more challenging. I would also love to see a better multiplayer that breaks away from just battle mode. Online mode should allow you to travel along with friends to capture Pokemon, and even help each other when gangs try to steal your Pokemon. I would also like for them to do away with the 4 move-set limitation. It made sense for the previous games, but coming to a console, my expectations are much higher. I say all of this in response to the RUMOR of Gamefreak wanting to innovate. If this is real, and if this done right, Nintendo Switch will undoubtedly be more desirable to those who are on the fence.



Gamefreak needs to make this game better than EVERY other Pokemon Game EVER, to justify moving on from the 3DS. Fans are not openly saying this yet, but I promise most are either thinking, or hoping they will. Perhaps after the positive feedback from the  Sun and Moon games, they are confident enough to make more drastic changes to the game. Let me know what you think? Do you think this is just a crazy rumor, or something that can materialize into reality? Let me know below! 



Micro Transactions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

If you haven't been following the gaming news as of late, EA Games came under fire over the past few weeks regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2. EA was requiring real world money to get Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader quickly, vs approximately 80 hours of gameplay total. This resulted in reddit having the most downvoted comment (over 680000), to EA finally caving in to remove the micro transactions. This still had the internet in an uproar, and some are boycotting EA due to their recent practices.  However, this post is not about EA, but micro transactions in general, as I want to take an in depth look on them. 




  1. If The Game Is Free, No Stress-If we are real, most of us are not totally against micro transactions; we are against how they are executed most of the time. Mobile and PC games often receive a pass regarding micro transactions. While some may not like the entrance of pay to win, it is an alternative sacrifice that helps keep the game enjoyable without ads popping up frequently in the mobile gaming realm. When it comes to PC gaming, some games offer monthly memberships releasing more content. Online servers are not cheap; having paid memberships help keep the game free for newcomers. 
  2. New Content to a FINISHED Game- Fighting games tend to shine the most when it comes to this. After the game has been out for some time, the developers usually take some time to create a new character from scratch, and sometimes a new stage as well. Considering the labor and time that goes into making these characters, the price point is usually justified. While some games like ARMS give you the new characters and stages for free, it's not at all an expectation (a fair one at least). 


  • THE BAD 

  1. Charging For Content That Isn't New- Much like EA's fiasco, other companies like Capcom would charge players for content that is already made at the release of the game. This has been known to hinder the success of franchises we like, Street Fighter being a prime example. While micro transactions have their merits, they definitely have their demerits as well. Depending on the developer, they can use them to exploit their consumer, or they can use them to give content the consumer desires. Fans want to make sure their buck is spent well. No one likes being cheated, no matter how you try and package it.
  2. Loot Crates- If you purchased Rocket League for the Switch, and played the game for the first time, you noticed the option to buy keys for crates. You can win crates in game, and you need a key to unlock them. After unlocking the crates, you are given 1 item from that random. This was also another problem for EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 before they pulled the plug on the micro transactions (for now).  My issue with loot crates is the gamble aspect. You're not truly guaranteed to get what you want, but whatever is in the crate at random. This  can be very discouraging, and it can hinder the integrity of the company. 

  1. Capital Is Valued More Than The Consumer- From all of this, we see some of these  companies do not care about their consumer. While EA claims they are going to listen to their fans, the damage was already done. The trust they had from their consumers has been compromised, and some are choosing to no longer support EA, and rightfully so. If a company shows no remorse, or any notion to change their ways when fans are outraged, it is clear they don't value the consumers feelings. As I said earlier, this marketing practice hurts franchises, and games that were supposed stand the test of time, start to lose steam. 

  2. They Will Do It Again- And they will not lose sleep over it. Companies who exploit consumers find more secretive ways to exploit, until the consumer stands up


I'm neutral when it comes to micro transactions. I do not mind when they are used properly, but I despise when companies will exploit consumers with no remorse. It is our job as consumers to know when and when not to consume. If a product is not made with our best interest in mind, we need to know when to speak up. Sony Rewards has been a alternative for some to battle micro transactions, and I hope Nintendo and Microsoft get on board as well. Let me know your thoughts with a comment below. If you liked this article, give it a share. 

Top 5 Games I Want Square Enix To Make For The Switch

So if you haven't heard, Square Enix has been in the gaming news as of late concerning the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and the Nintendo Switch as well. They even teased the idea of the game coming to the Switch, due to the Switch handling Unreal Engine 4 well (the same engine that will be running Final Fantasy 7 Remake). Square Enix went on further to say  " the core architectures of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch as similar." They have also stated, "multiplatform development is possibly by building a basic version of a game, then optimizing it for each platform". Someone PLEASE explain to me why Square Enix understands this more than most developers *cough CAPCOM cough cough*. It gets better, Sqaure Enix went on to say, "Nintendo doing well is great for them, and notes that Switch is in a unique position compared to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One." The unique position Square Enix is referring to is the Switch is a console that sells well in EVERY region, as opposed to one or a few. For instance, the X-Box One and PS4 install bases in Japan are poor. The PlayStation 4 just crossed 5 Million  lifetime sales back in June to give an example (with X-box One well below 250k). However, in the short time of its release, the Switch has been in demand in every region.  So when it comes to releasing multiplatform games, leaving out the Switch sounds a bit silly if the Switch can run these games. Finally, Square Enix stated:

"Switch is described as an opportunity to create middle-range games, and while it is very likely that creating these games would result in them being multi-platform, their expectations for Switch are high and they will aggressively pursue development. Square Enix said that it will not rule out any IPs—new, existing, or revivals—when it comes to Switch."


Lets focus on this last piece. Square Enix stated this is the opportunity to create MIDDLE RANGE games, while not ruling out ANY 1Ps- new, existing, or revivals. Since Final Fantasy 7 was teased, I will not include that game in my list. Many of us only focus on Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts when it comes to Square Enix. There are other games I feel should be revived that will be great for the Switch (and the other consoles as well). So without further delay, lets get started.

5- The Bouncer


For those of us old enough to appreciate the Streets of Rage franchise, we can all agree this game should make the cut. This game in my opinion is highly underrated and with the juggernaut Square Enix became, a revival would do this game proper justice. This was a PS2 release, so if Square Enix can revive Final Fantasy 10 and 12, they can revive this game. Mr. Shifty is a great game, but we needed a real beat em on the Switch. We need a game that is fun, exhilarating, and fresh. If they add an online co-op option, this would really make this game fun to play with friends.   

4- Brave Fencer Musashi 

maxresdefault (25).jpg

This action adventure RPG was supposed to be Sony's answer to the Zelda franchise. Although the game did not live up to its competitor, it was due to legendary feat of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and not so much the game being bad itself. The game had its own original story, and the items you gained in your quest were quite useful. The boss fights were challenging and enjoyable, especially considering the 32-bit graphics of the PS1. It was just very impressive what this game did on that console. To see this game revived on the Switch would be a thrill. 

3- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

maxresdefault (26).jpg

Now if any of you own Mario & Rabbids, you would agree it is a pretty good tactical RPG for the Switch. However, many of us know and remember the collaboration between Square and Nintendo to make what would arguably be one of the best RPG's for the Super Nintendo. This was a great intro RPG to those who never touched an RPG. With today's graphics, this game could serve the same purpose to those new to RPG's. Not to mention the soundtrack to this game was pretty solid. Some tunes would sound pretty awesome retouched. Personally, I was never a fan of the Paper Mario series, and they never brought out the excitement of this game. The art design of Paper Mario was more gimmicky than creative in my opinion. With Nintendo giving small teases to Geno (costume available in Smash 4), it would be the perfect opportunity to revive this game. 

2- Chrono Trigger 

maxresdefault (27).jpg

This game to this very day is deemed as legendary. If we are referring to Square's RPG games, this game is in most people's top 5, or even their top 3. I would dare to say this game is in their "of all time" list. IGN said this was their #1 out of 100 Greatest RPG's of All Time. Although I do not agree with their list at all, it speaks volumes on how great this game is. This very game is one of the few games that can rival Final Fantasy 7 in EVERY aspect. The story is compelling, the battle system is challenging, and the world is expansive. This game has to mentioned with the greats,  and a remake is long over due. Many of us have set our sights on Final Fantasy 7, and we easily forget about games like this one. I can imagine the work to remake this game would be huge, but it would be worth it. Depending on how much stock they would be willing to put into this game, the remake could look like anything from I Am Setsuna to Final Fantasy 7 remake. If Square Enix is true to their word, by saying they will not rule out any games, this game here is worth it. 

1- SaGa Frontier 1

maxresdefault (28).jpg

When I say this is one of my favorite RPG's of all time, I mean every word of it. This game by far has been one of the most original and creative games I have ever played. The game has no linear story (kinda like Breath of the Wild), and many people during its initial release didn't like that about this game. However, this is due to the fact there are 7 different characters in this game, with 7 different stories (with one that doesn't really have much of a story). Some of the characters join your team, some don't. The biggest attraction to this game was the battle system. Unlike any RPG at the time, your characters could learn new attacks DURING the fight, and even form combos with each other's attacks. With 5 people to a team, you are able to pull off a 5 person combination attack if all 5 attacks are compatible for a combination. If this game was remade, it would be perfect for the Switch as a middle range game. With the good reception of Octopath Traveler, I'm sure this game would do well. 


So that is my list. However, Square Enix has a RANGE of games that I didn't list. Kingdom Hearts has been hinted for the Switch, so that is why I didn't add that game. I never played Vagrant Story or Parasite's Eve to truly speak on those games. With that said, I would like to know your thoughts. What games from Square Enix do you want to see on the Switch. Let me know with a comment down below!