Anthem Boycott | Sony Is NOT buying Take Two | Google Yeti Next Week? - Chillcast EP 40

Welcome to the 40th episode of the Avidan Direct Chillcast! Players are threathening to boycott Anthem. A recent glitch allowed players to get different types of loots faster, and patched the glitch shortly after. Players were outraged because the glitch made character progression sensible and less grindy. There was a rumor about Sony purchasing Take Two Interactive, and that rumor has been confirmed to be false. Yuji Nakamura spoke with Sony, in which they stated there is "no truth" to these rumors. Lastly, Google Yeti looks to be revealed next week. We spoke about this on episode 5, it should be interesting to see what will happen at GDC. Make sure you all hit the like button, follow the panel, and enjoy the show!

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